Free Flannel Blanket from Green Conscience by @togabiz

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Green Conscience When most people think of a green lifestyle they are often intimidated – and often misinformed. It tends to evoke this image of a righteous overbearing granola hippy, said local Saratoga business owner Karen Totino. For Karen living green is about being outgoing, warm, and informative, definitely without the often attributed judgment and pushiness. “We all … [Read more...]

Free Accessory from The National @shopthenational by @togabiz

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When visiting Saratoga there are certain landmarks that come first on everyone’s to do list: the racetrack, Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), Saratoga National Park, and Saratoga National. The Saratoga National is an elegantly styled golf course and four-star steakhouse that embodies the town’s spirit. As an extension of this friendly family, The National is a men’s … [Read more...]

Free Parking with SpaceDerby – @spacederby by @togabiz

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You’re on a tight schedule for an event, maybe you are even running behind and all you have to do is find a parking space in Saratoga. All of a sudden you find yourself jockeying for prime position with countless others and it feels way more like the backstretch of the racetrack than anything else. Without a doubt you’ve been there before; our trendy town morphs into a … [Read more...]

Free Advertising with Spin My Ad @spinmyad by @togabiz

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This entrepreneur is clad in spandex and a tank, pedaling his bike to the Stewarts Corporate Headquarters with traffic speeding closely past and the attached ad trailer fishtailing in the wind. “I look like Peter Pan…. I feel like Columbus sailing the seven seas,” said Kenny Goodwin Jr. Every bit the pioneer, Kenny is bringing an innovative twist to the Saratoga area’s … [Read more...]

Free Spinning With Saratoga Cycling Studio @SpinSaratoga by @togabiz

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There are no ugly gym mats, and no large wall mirrors visible when you walk into Saratoga Cycling Studio. Instead there is a fun, open community, an energetic owner, and purple – lots and lots of purple. Business owner and Master Spin Trainer Angela Amedio – decked out from head to toe in purple spandex - runs the only licensed Spin studio in the Saratoga area, and it is her … [Read more...]