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This entrepreneur is clad in spandex and a tank, pedaling his bike to the Stewarts Corporate Headquarters with traffic speeding closely past and the attached ad trailer fishtailing in the wind.

“I look like Peter Pan…. I feel like Columbus sailing the seven seas,” said Kenny Goodwin Jr. Every bit the pioneer, Kenny is bringing an innovative twist to the Saratoga area’s outdoor marketing.

New Age Outdoor Advertising

With his recent start-up company, Spin My Ad, Kenny is offering companies advertising value, helping them really stand out from the competition. “Generic platforms equal generic results,” he said.

Perhaps you have already seen Kenny riding his bike and mobile billboard through Saratoga. And if you haven’t yet – you will be seeing him and his associates soon.

Spin My Ad offers companies the opportunity to be showcased on a unique and disruptive platform. It is anything but generic. And better yet all the impressions you generate are targeted.

“You walk up to a billboard and it’s not talking back to you,” Kenny said. Spin My Ad representatives don’t just set up an ad on a bike, and then say six hours later it’s over, he added. Kenny uses his marketing background and his group of bikers to further marketing messages and interact with interested clients.
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The bikers cruise through the high foot traffic areas of Saratoga, and will pedal directly to your audience. You aren’t just buying an ad, you are buying a paid ambassador.

As your passing conventional outdoor advertising channels like a billboard there is no guarantee that you have the attention of a passerby. We have become accustomed to these messages and they don’t stand out like they used to, said Kenny.

If your ad is on the back of Kenny’s bike, you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing attention away. No one else is doing this in Saratoga.

Spinning Forward

Kenny has been on the road for five weeks, having only launched the business two months earlier. Originally from New York City, Kenny saw the emergence of this marketing channel in his hometown and realized its growth potential.

It is already proven in metro markets, he said, adding that “one day someone is going to do this up here and I’m gonna be mad if I didn’t.”

And while the inspiration has come from outside the area, he is keeping it local and intent on growing Saratoga businesses. I get my clothes from Walton’s Sport shop, and Saratoga national is my bank, he stated proudly.
Kenny launched the new marketing platform at the height of Saratoga’s traffic. Beginning with one bike, he has already increased to two, and will add a third ambassador to the mix by mid-August.

In the past five weeks Kenny has rocketed past twelve clients, including concert host Live Nation and Saratoga Cycling Studio, with an eye on continuing the growth. Immersed in innovation, Kenny is intent on finding new ways to help businesses engage in conversation with their customers and push the conceived boundaries of outdoor media.

Everything about the company is fresh and exciting Kenny beamed. Spin My Ad moves your campaign from a mere possibility to on the street in as little as 48 hours. He has even found ways to bring marketing metrics to the world of outdoor advertising – a medium that has lacked any sort of measurable statistics in the past.

Clients can sign up with map my ride and track campaigns in real time. You can get all the stats on exactly how long we were out there, what routes we took, and how much ground was covered, he said.

Man on the Bike

As a friendly, outgoing individual, an athlete, and a graduate of the University of Tampa with a degree in Marketing, Kenny has found a way to meld all facets of his personality into his business model.
When not pedaling around the word on local businesses and events, Kenny finds himself working out, or as ridiculous as it sounds riding a bike, he laughed.
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On the job, Kenny has relished the challenges of being an entrepreneur. “No one is telling you how to do it, and no one is coming down my hall to fix my issues,” he said. “It’s your vision and you are fully responsible for your successes and accountable for your failures.”

It’s not solely about introducing a new company, in this case launching a brand new advertising channel.
I offer clients a commitment that I will promote them the best way I know how, Kenny said. “For the time that their brand is on the back of my bike I do it their way.”

For now you can find Spin My Ad touring through the streets of Saratoga, or on Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned as this local company continues to drive forward advertising innovation.

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  • Nicole de Haven

    SpinMyAd is so fabulous! I see Kenny all over the downtown and my kiddos always have to shout a hello! Such a great idea!

    • Saratoga Business

      Kenny is great Nicole! He has a great idea and we love supporting innovative entrepreneurs. If you haven’t entered in, make sure you do. Maybe you will win some free advertising for your beautiful photography! Thanks for reading and feel free to share.

      • Nicole de Haven

        I’ll totally enter! And thanks for the kind words!
        (I’ve already shared and, seeing as you already have awesomeness all over the site, I’m sure I’ll be sharing lots more!)

  • Guest

    Kenny is great Nicole! He has a great idea and we love supporting innovative entrepreneurs. If you haven’t entered in, make sure you do. Maybe you will win some free advertising for your beautiful photography! Thanks for reading and feel free to share.