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You’re on a tight schedule for an event, maybe you are even running behind and all you have to do is find a parking space in Saratoga. All of a sudden you find yourself jockeying for prime position with countless others and it feels way more like the backstretch of the racetrack than anything else.

Without a doubt you’ve been there before; our trendy town morphs into a veritable hell.

But it doesn’t have to – and native Saratoga entrepreneur Hans Thiesen has started Space Derby to help drivers eliminate the hassle and park happy.

Driven by Experiences

Friends of Hans describe him as if he were run by a motor. There is no “stop” in Hans vocabulary and he is always trying something new, meeting exciting people, and taking in all the experiences life has to offer.

This includes live music and motorcycle rides with his wife, and a lot of world travel. He insists on visiting a new country every year, and has even been nicknamed RoboHans.

One time on a trip to New Zealand, I went skydiving in the morning, bungee jumped twice in the afternoon, and still partied the night away, he said. His inspiration is the constant adventure of each day; what can we solve, what can we do, and how do we do more, he continued.

Rather than solely worrying about what inspires himself, Hans is concerned with finding out what can be done to inspire others every day. To help them find order in otherwise chaotic situations and influence them through convenience and efficiency.

Hans is also a techie – not for the sake of technology, but for its applications. Innovation is measured in how it makes other’s lives better, more fun, and more inspiring. And that is exactly what he is accomplishing with Space Derby.

space derby parking saratoga springs, saratoga business

The Ultimate Driving Experience

Or more accurately, Space Derby can be explained as the ultimate parking experience. Think, only for your car.

Space Derby is an innovative platform that enables users to list, search, and book available parking spaces in the high demand Saratoga areas. Get online, call Space Derby, or use their mobile app to pre-purchase parking for otherwise nightmarish situations such as the racetrack and Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC).

With Space Derby, your space and your price are guaranteed. “We offer certainty in an uncertain environment,” said Hans. When people are going to fun events we want to experience just that – fun. And parking shouldn’t detract from your experience. Space Derby’s motto is park happy.

The brilliance of Space Derby is convenience. If you are running late you don’t have to worry about parking leagues away from your destination or even finding a spot at all, just book a spot and put your anxiety to rest.

Space Derby also gives you the flexibility to fit your ideal scenario. Have your grandparents in the car and need to park close to minimize walking – no problem. Need to park close by a bathroom – booked and done. Search through all the available slots and find the best option for your own situation.

To sweeten the deal, Space Derby is partnered with local stores and restaurants to offer a rewards program. You’re not just simplifying parking you’re getting cool bonuses too, said Hans.

space derby parking saratoga springs, saratoga business

Parking Optimization

Not only does Space Derby work with individuals looking for spots, but also people and companies with parking availabilities. Space Derby is a two sided business model. We work help both suppliers and users and act as a bridge of integrity between the two.

By providing free listings and free promotion for parking space providers, Space Derby is able to fill lots before they could on their own. They also enable individuals to accept credit card and mobile payments when they previously may not have been able to.

These benefits don’t only apply to commercial lots, but can even extend to individual spots.

Refusing to sit still, Hans is moving forward to expand Space Derby’s parking convenience into new markets and new venues. Having only started the company in March, the future looks very bright for Hans.

Want to eliminate your parking difficulties and build the ultimate parking experience? Of course you do! Then check out Space Derby online, on Facebook or Twitter, or via their mobile app. Just make sure next time you park, that you park happy.

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