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There are no ugly gym mats, and no large wall mirrors visible when you walk into Saratoga Cycling Studio. Instead there is a fun, open community, an energetic owner, and purple – lots and lots of purple.

Business owner and Master Spin Trainer Angela Amedio – decked out from head to toe in purple spandex – runs the only licensed Spin studio in the Saratoga area, and it is her mission to make fitness fun and accessible.

Angela believes strongly in balancing health and happiness. While of course it is important to live healthy lifestyle, “that doesn’t mean eating celery sticks and running marathons,” she said. Balance is essential, nothing in excess while avoiding depravity of the things you enjoy.

The best thing about spinning is that it’s inclusive, low impact, and most importantly fun. I’m trying to make spinning not so taboo or scary, she said, aiming to eliminate the attitude that “I can’t do that.” Not everyone can run on the dreadmill, can do crossfit, or lift weights, but everyone can spin as long as they try.

Angela knows this well, because she used spinning to overcome her own fitness fears. Ten years and a few extra pounds ago, Angela gave spinning a shot. She watched as the weight fell off into a pool of sweat under her bike while she thought, hey the music rules, and you know what, damn this is fun.

Recognizing the raw enthusiasm Angela possessed, an instructor believed in her and pushed her to achieve her fitness goals. A decade of her own instructor experience later, and Angela is intent on helping others achieve their own fitness goals – no matter how big or small.

Spinning regulars include people of all ages and fitness levels looking to get active or fit, and even includes marathoners and triathletes training for events. All are welcome and all will have fun.

What is Spin?

Spinning ® is the leading indoor cycling program that offers active persons of all abilities and lifestyles the opportunity to participate in fun and engaging classes at their own pace. Spinning gives participants the flexibility of setting their own routine, making it a great way for people to get active.

As a master instructor, Angela is officially licensed by Mad Dogg Athletics, one of the largest fitness equipment and education providers. This designation also gives her the ability to certify her own trainers. Without the proper training you are just the blind leading the blind, or a dentist without any medical school experience, she detailed.

Saratoga Cycling Studio also offers TRX suspension training classes for those looking for a fun total body workout and yoga classes to improve flexibility and help individuals hone their mental strength.
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Opening Her Own Studio

In 2012, clients convinced Angela to take the next step, and open up her own cycling studio. Other fitness studios placed too great an emphasis on the almighty dollar. They didn’t care about your name, and they just didn’t get the job done, she said. She also cited the growing global epidemic of obesity, adding that someone has to do something – so why not her.

Angela already had a rabid following from her years as an instructor, so she and her husband ran the numbers, figured it out, wrote a check and did it.

Why Saratoga? For this expressive entrepreneur there was never any doubt. She’s friends with the other local business owners, and loves taking in the sights of the town. It has everything I need, shopping, restaurants, bars, and fitness, she said. “I just love Saratoga … this my shit right here,” she laughed.

Strengthening a Community

For Angela it’s not only about representing her community, but also strengthening it. Angela’s passions extend past fitness, but toward taking care of people. The spinning experience isn’t just bikes, sweat, and music. It’s all about being a part of something, taking the time to interact with one another and genuinely caring for the person on the bike next to you, she said. “I get chills just talking about it.”

“We know your name and your dog’s name,” she added. As the lead instructor, she has developed what she terms the spinning eye. When you look around the room you will see if people are in a funk or not, and you can read what the audience wants out of that particular class, and what they need, she said. “I’m a part therapist, part DJ, doctor, mom, part everything,” she beamed.

To complement the 4 to 5 daily spinning classes Angela offers, she runs several special programs throughout the month. In the continued effort to give back, Angela heads a monthly Karma Ride with class expenses and proceeds going towards a charitable organization such as the Wounded Warrior Project.
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Other fun rides include fun Candy Rides, entire Spice Girls or hip hop tuned rides, and even Happy Hour spins on Friday nights. No there is no booze included, but these classes led by Angela and her husband have gotten a particularly strong reception. When we are up there together leading a class we’ve been told it’s like Saturday Night Live, she said.

Pedaling into the future, Angela is looking to open up several new locations in the surrounding area with a similar footprint. Life is constantly evolving and if you are standing still you are doing something wrong, she said.

Long-term, Angela is hoping to help Saratoga become the healthiest county in all of New York. When you come to Saratoga Cycling studio, Angela guarantees three things: you will find a friendly environment, you will burn calories, and you will have fun.

Come on in to Saratoga Cycling Studio, conveniently located just off Broadway, or reach out to Angela on your favorite social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) to make your fitness fun.

Let’s work together to make #HealthySaratoga a reality.

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