The Rules

We have to set some ground rules…. because we don’t want anarchy and chaos. This isn’t black friday ya’ll. No beating each other over the heads.

First and Foremost. If you want a prize you must opt-in at the bottom of the article. You may opt-in to every contest. If you opt-in to the sidebar you will be notified of the newest contest. If you opt-in to a contest we will add you to the list to be notified of the upcoming new swag!

Second If you are a business, you must offer something up to all the readers. Your contest will run for a minimum of 30 days.

Third If you win a prize you have one week to claim the prize. It really is as simple as sending us an email back to let us know you got the notification. From that point you have 30 days to claim your prize. There is a bunch of sweet stuff and lots of people want it. (psst. don’t tell anyone this secret trick) If you add to your contacts you won’t ever miss it. #justsaying

Last, well… that is it really. We also are reserving the right to change if the zombie apocalypse happens or aliens invade. Sorry it is just survival of the fittest at that point in time.