Our Story

Our nickname is … TogaBiz.

Much like you call your best friends, feel free to call us by our nickname. We want to be that good of friends with you ;-)

We’re from Saratoga, and dig the business scene.

One day, in the summer of 2014… right before the starting gate released at the track— we realized that there wasn’t a hip trendy news source to report on the hoppin’ business scene in Saratoga.

And there should be! Alas, that’s how it started. We’re lucky to be in such a beautiful, frequented city! And, if we must say it… the talent here is amazing!

Yoga and cycling studios, men’s clothiers, boutiques, lifestyle products, restaurants, start ups, and entrepreneurs. There’s so much that we could jump up and down in excitement!

Ohhh. And we do. And we’re super proud of all the excitement we can give away.

And we just love the idea of rewarding hip Saratoga Businesses and our readers.

Entrepreneurs stick their necks out and place their butts on the line to create amazing businesses. They deserve a reward. And that’s why we cover them.

And, our readers stick their necks out exploring new and unique businesses! So, we reward them too by giving out hip business swag and freebies to encourage the Saratoga community to check out these businesses and get in the door.

What’s with the bike?

Our logo is a tandem bicycle, surrounded by chain links. It takes everyone working together, harmoniously to build a successful business community. You could say that each business is a link in a long chain of success.

The bicycle is there to remind customers and businesses that it takes relationships to build the successful, fun community that we are all seeking. We are all working and building together. Businesses sit on the tandem bicycle with their perfect clients. It’s all about harmony and relationship. TogaBiz is here to facilitate the relationships and connections.

Who is behind the TogaBiz curtain?

Founders Emelina Spinelli and Austin Iuliano from d.science (a branding marketing and social media agency in Saratoga Springs, NY). On an average day you can find them networking around town, building super-hip & scalable brands both in Saratoga County and nationally. They also love to drink green juice. Looking to chat? They frequent Twitter and anything social :-) @ecspinelli @austiniuliano

Cory LeBihan, our content director (at d.science and TogaBiz) is constantly writing musings, copywriting and building super fun content. He’s the backbone to TogaBiz. You’ll find his beautiful content throughout the site. When Cory’s not writing, he’s following sports teams as a complete fanatic. Got soccer questions? Send ‘em through! @cleb1573

Interested in joining our team? We’re looking for a photography and/or design intern to design and layout the photos and graphics for the site and our social medias. Also seeking a social media intern to manage our accounts. Contact us on Twitter>> @togabiz