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When visiting Saratoga there are certain landmarks that come first on everyone’s to do list: the racetrack, Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), Saratoga National Park, and Saratoga National.

The Saratoga National is an elegantly styled golf course and four-star steakhouse that embodies the town’s spirit. As an extension of this friendly family, The National is a men’s clothing boutique located right on Broadway that brings personal style to classic casual dress.

Accentuating the Classics

Founded July 1st three years ago, The National was established to bring unique and crazy stylish brands to downtown Saratoga visitors. The overall fashion sense of Saratoga is very in tune with more metropolitan areas and for the large part, there just aren’t those types of stores nearby.

We found that the Saratoga National golf shop was doing well and people really enjoyed the brand we provided, said company Vice President Peter Tavares. To build on that we wanted to provide a friendly, original experience for the 90 % of people that take a left turn off the Northway, he continued.

The National is not some stuffy country club store, they are inclusive – just like they golf club they are partnered with, said store Manager Jim Galliher. They feature fine contemporary styles, such as Allen Edmonds, golf wear including Saratoga National’s own clothing line, and popular brands like True Religion.

The National take business casual clothing, blazers, sport coats, slacks, or jeans and offer style-conscious gentlemen the classic options of bygone days – with a twist. We are all about emphasizing the little accessories to match up with our customer’s personal styles, said Jim. Whatever is comfortable, he added.

National Clothing

Just like The National’s apparel, the boutique’s employees reflect classic style with a kick. Outside of work, you will find Jim sipping his double espresso at Starbucks with a copy of the New York Times stretched out in front, or enjoying America’s pastime (the Red Sox in particular) with friends.

Personalized Customer Relations

Everyone has their own very personalized concept of style, and at The National they are eager to provide unparalleled customer service to male shoppers. Because they are not a corporate retailer, it provides the open staff the flexibility to cater to each individual customer.

I’m really enthusiastic about coming to work every day, said Jim. Each day is a new opportunity to meet other passionate and successful career-oriented people and really share their stories, he added. This allows The National to offer true personalization.

By opening up and learning about customer’s interests, businesses, hobbies, and their true life stories we are motivated to creatively piece together their clothing selections and help them identify their own styles, said Jim. The National is about forming these tight relationships, making people happy, and spreading smiles.

The welcoming staff at The National put the emphasis not only on promoting their product selections, but more so on creating genuine relationships with customers, and never price point, Jim said.

Although The National’s clothing is classic, their customer approach is anything but. We are always trying to host fun events, and giveaways to local charities – anything we can do to bring The National brand beyond the reaches of our doors, said Jim.

Or… bring it inward.

Saratoga Style

Saratoga is a town with a lot of history, and as you know is hugely influenced by the racetrack atmosphere. And when you walk through the doors of The National, their inspiration is immediately noticeable. The clothing racks of bright clothes are accentuated by classic brick walls and dotted with horse racing artwork.

The National enthusiastically holds private showings for clients, and really showcases their personable store by embracing a lounge feel.

National #dressthenational

If you walk through downtown Saratoga you’ll notice female shopping boutiques on every corner. The National is one of the only stores that truly cater to male shoppers. And they embrace the opportunity, giving men an awesome location to relax, meet some great people, and of course buy killer looks.

Stop on in and enjoy your shopping experience today or check out The National on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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