Our Manifesto


We’re your hip and biased news source.

Locally sourced in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Newspapers… nah. We’re mainstream and trendy as @&%!.

We believe in acting differently.

We’re an online “news” source, or rather, a source of entertainment, information, inspiration, positive vibes and fun swag. News? Well, not traditional news. We’re passionate about spreading the word on fun, well branded experiences. It’s biased, and now you know ;-)

The Dream:

We dream of a world where businesses and their client are good friends.

We believe that business is fun! And, we’d like to make the world a little smaller, and connect everyone together. We see a future where each business is matched up with their ideal customer. Each share the same core beliefs, strengths, and values. They believe in one another.

We believe that every customer has a voice— and that every voice should be heard. We believe in rewarding customers and businesses for their positive vibes, uplifting attitudes and downright amazing products and experiences. We believe in a collaborative community, one where businesses and customers work together harmoniously to create a sustainable, engaged community.

Keeping it Local:

And let’s face it… We totally believe in giving out awesome swag and keeping business local. You can always count on us to bring you unique freebies and valuable giveaways at the end of our featured articles.

We believe business is like riding a tandem bicycle. We believe success is achieved by riding together: businesses and their customers united as a community. We believe in building each link into a strong, tight supportive chain.

It’s all about harmony and relationship. And, we’re here to facilitate these connections in our own hometown. Raise your glass to the 518!